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3 High-Performance Beard Trimmer with Attachments

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$129.67 each


Multiple attachments for different beard lengths and styles.

Description / Features of a High-Performance Beard Trimmer with Attachments:

Multiple Rotary Heads: Allows for a close and precise shave. The rotating heads contour to the shape of the face, capturing hair from different angles.
Multiple Attachments: Different attachments for various grooming needs.
Brush Head: For facial cleaning with soft bristles.
Precision Trimmer: For detailing and fine-tuning edges of the beard or mustache.
Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer: For trimming unwanted nose and ear hair.
Exfoliating Brush: Helps in removing dead skin cells, leading to a smoother shave.
Ergonomic Grip: A design that is comfortable to hold, allowing for precise trimming.
Waterproof Design: Enables users to wash the trimmer and its attachments, also allowing for wet shaving.
Rechargeable Battery: Lithium-ion battery that supports cordless use for several hours.
Adjustable Length Settings: Allows for custom trimming lengths for various beard styles.
LED Indicator: Indicates battery status, charging status, and other relevant notifications.
Quick Charging: Provides fast charging capabilities, offering substantial usage time with just a short charging period.
Travel Lock: Prevents the trimmer from turning on accidentally while being transported.


Height: 9.1 inches
Width: 3.1 inches
Depth: 2.4 inches

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